California Lemon Law Links

http://www.LemonLawAttorney.NET  Lemon Law Attorney.NET is a great site for information about the California Lemon Law.  It is a sister site of  Lemon Law Attorney.NET was designed by Lemon Law attorney Timothy F. Fatone to help inform California residents about his firm “Humphries & Fatone.”   Ours is a well respected and experienced lemon law firm specializing in California Lemon Law for over 12 years.  Visit the site to learn more about the California lemon law.  The Better Business Bureau is a great source of information.  We are new to the service, and we are working to develop a reputation within the BBB.  Using “Trust Link” people can start with trust and write reviews about companies they liked or didn’t like.  Hopefully, ours is a lemon law firm you will want to refer your friends and family to. is a site dedicated to helping people across the country find quality legal representation.  Simply type in lemon law and your particular city within Orange County and find our sister site.   LemonLawAttorney.NET can be found on the top right of any California search for a lemon law attorney.  Another fun site that allows people to search for just about anything.  Even lemon law attorneys or other legal areas.  Ours is a site that is often advertised on Orange County Craigslist.  You can often find our sister site LemonLawAttorney.NET on the Los Angeles Craigslist page for legal services.  Office of the Attorney General – State of California – Department of Justice.  Edmund G. Brown Jr., Attorney General.  Visit this site to learn more about programs and services designed to protect California consumers.  A great resource for consumers in Orange County and throughout California. Consumer Protection Association of America.  Five words: Trust, Confidence, Security, Assurance and Prosperity.  Sound Good?  Check out the site to find their their Service Partners and other business members.  Consumer Affairs.  An online reference guide to the Orange County consumer.  With Consumer News, Recalls, Scam Alerts and a Complaint Forum.   A great source for news on consumer issues that educate and inform.