California Dealer Fraud


Unfortunately, dealership fraud is a big problem in California.   It is not uncommon for California car dealerships to intentionally conceal problems, or even make outright misrepresentations about vehicles they are trying to sell.  From lemon laundering to odometer rollbacks to accident cover ups — dealerships will engage in sales tactics that prevent consumers from discovering the ugly truth behind the histories of used and in some cases new motor vehicles.    Lies, misrepresentations and concealment, this dubious conduct is commonly referred to as FRAUD. 

Here at California Lemon Law Firm, our attorneys represent California consumers who have been victimized by fraudulent dealerships.  There is nothing worse than being taken by a fraudulent sale, but rest assured, if you were defrauded, we will hold that dealership accountable for its actions.  Our California Lemon Law Firm will bring its considerable reputation and resources to uncover the truth, and we will fight to get your vehicle bought back. 

There are special requirements involved in filing a Fraud lawsuit, so it is very important that you contact us to discuss what steps you need to take in order to bring such accusations before the Court. 

Many times, following an initial free consultation with our California Lemon Law Firm, these matters are resolved between the consumer and the dealership without our office ever being retained or compensated in any way; and that is fine with us, because we like helping California consumers that have been defrauded.

Even if you are unsure whether or not the dealership’s conduct amounts to fraud, it’s a good idea to contact our California Lemon Law Firm to discuss what happened, so that you can get a professional’s opinion.  Better safe than sorry, and these matters need to be addressed as soon as possible to reserve your rights.

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