About Our CA Lemon Firm

What makes a great California Lemon Law Firm? A Firm that exclusively practices California Lemon Law; a Firm that has over 20 years of California lemon law experience; a California Lemon Law Firm with a 98% Success rate; a Firm that has built relationships with the vehicle manufacturers and their attorneys; a Firm familiar with Courts throughout all of California; and a Firm that gets cases resolved without compromising the interests of the consumer.

We pride our practice on providing hands-on personal assistance to our clients. Our attorneys make themselves available throughout the work week and are always quick to return a call. We understand being involved in civil litigation is a big deal, and we support our clients who want to understand the details of their case. We have built a reputation in the California Lemon Law field. We are well known and respected by the defense firms that represent the car companies. We have worked hard to establish our Firm as one that helps California consumers achieve great results. We have helped countless consumers over the years and have tallied a 98% success rate. We can put that considerable experience to work for you. Not convinced? Click On Results to a see sample of our winning history.

Our Firm represents all California consumers from San Diego County to Del Norte County and all points in between. This web-site is dedicated to helping ALL California Consumers find proper lemon law representation. Our firm is based in the heart of Orange and Los Angeles Counties, but we travel across all of California representing consumers who need our help. Because we are based in the Automotive Capitol of the World, we have big city experience and a diverse perspective. Why retain a less experienced attorney who may be closer geographically? A California consumer should understand that a case is only as good as the Firm that prosecutes it.

Admitted to the State Bar of California in 2001, Timothy F. Fatone has developed a successful practice in California Lemon law over the past decade. In that time, Mr. Fatone has helped hundreds of California consumers resolve difficult warranty issues without the necessity of trial. Mr. Fatone believes that Lemon law cases should be resolved without the risk and burden of trial. It is Mr. Fatone’s opinion that “Lemon law cases are won before they are filed with the court; and the case can only be lost by continued use of the subject vehicle.” Mr. Fatone best represents his clients by putting them in a winning position at the time the case is first filed with the court.

The legal team at California Lemon Law Firm.com have the experience, reputation and resources to best represent California consumers who have had the unfortunate experience of having purchased or leased a defective vehicle.

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